How It Works

SimplyFailover provides your business with a simple to use 4G LTE Failover solution, so that when your primary internet goes down, you can remain connected with a 4G LTE Backup.  No more lost productivity or lost sales due to internet service problems, finally simply and affordable business continuity.

SimplyFailover is geared for small and medium business who rely on the internet for credit card processing, email, google docs, iCloud, Office 365 or any other business that when the internet is down, you are losing money.

A SimplyFailover router comes preconfigured and ready to plug in between your existing Cable/DSL/T1/Fiber Modem and your existing router.  No need to replace the equipment you are already using.

How much does it cost you in lost sales or productivity when the internet is down?

SimplyFailover is a single bundled solution for a low monthly fee.

Includes everything you need, including a configured 4G Router, data plan, managed services and low monthly cost.

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