Setup Options

SimplyFailover utilizes a professional-grade router that includes a built-in cellular modem that is connected to a 4G LTE network for backup internet access. 3Gstore can configure the SimplyFailover router differently depending on your current setup and your network needs:

  • TheĀ normal setup option is for users who want to continue using their existing router for networking purposes - you'll simply connect your modem and existing router to the pre-configured SimplyFailover router for plug and play setup. Your router will will still receive the external IP from the modem, so everything you have set up like VPN access, outbound connections, etc, will remain in tact, but if your primary connection goes down, the cellular backup will take over.
  • The replacement option allows you to replace your current router with the SimplyFailover router (meaning the SimplyFailover router will handle your networking and WiFi, too). We'll configure the failover as well as your WiFi network name and password, and all you'll need to do is connect your primary connection.

Be sure to let us know if you have a Static IP or PPPoe connection, as that requires initial setup on your router before we ship it.

SimplyFailover is 100% compatible with Verizon One Talk!

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